CLIL-based TIE Tour

‘Content Language Integrated Learning’ (CLIL), is a term that describes the learning of a foreign language through the study of a particular subject. A CLIL-based workshop transforms the theoretical classroom into a laboratory enabling students to learn in practical ways.

Our CLIL-based TIE workshops place CLIL within a TIE framework encouraging the learning of a particular subject through the medium of theatre and ‘play’. Teatrino transforms the classroom into a fictional drama and students are placed into the world of the subject adopting different characters and roles within it thus becoming active players in its discovery.

Our CLIL-based TIE tour is made up of two facilitators touring Italian schools as a duo presenting workshops to students in classrooms. The workshops are led independently and simultaneously by each facilitator, and the average number of students per group is 20. Typically each facilitator will present 3 or 4 workshops per day at one or two schools and then travel afterwards.

All workshops are already prepared, tried and tested and our facilitators receive full training during our rehearsal period in January. Ideally a facilitator for this tour would have classroom experience, relevant training and/or teaching qualifications, and a drama background.

Our CLIL-based TIE repertoire covers each of the school levels and focuses on many content subjects within the curriculum. There are around 20 workshops in total that are either 60 or 90 minutes in length.