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TEATRINO is Italy's largest Theatre In Education (T.I.E.) company which hires 30 young, energetic performers who love working with children to tour across Italy.

What is Teatrino?

TEATRINO is EDUCO’s Theatre In Education drama programme. EDUCO is a non-profit organisation endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Education, operating successfully for over 11 years. The company promotes a student based teaching method which uses drama to teach English to children through Theatre In Education (T.I.E.) with our touring programme, TEATRINO. We are looking for young, enthusiastic actors with T.I.E. experience to tour Italian schools presenting interactive English language shows supported by workshops. Touring in groups of four, actors will perform English shows and co-ordinate class workshops for particular age groups. Pop Music and Culture performers will tour in a group of two and Storytelling performers will tour in a group of three. TEATRINO is now in its 24th season presenting interactive English Language shows supported by workshops.

Work with us!

TEATRINO, the number one T.I.E. company in Italy, is selecting 30 young, energetic performers/musicians/teachers with a drama background with Theatre in Education experience and who love working with children to form 8 (tbc) groups to tour across Italy. TEATRINO provides performances consisting of fairytales, sketches, musicals, and adaptions of Shakespeare or literature for various age groups. Each show is followed by a drama-based language workshop. There are four different tours that cover this repertoire, including a tour on Pop Music and Culture. This job will be challenging but extremely rewarding and will prove to be invaluable in your future career.

Why work with Teatrino?

TEATRINO is an exciting and unique opportunity for all actors with a love for ‘Theatre in Education’ and a passion for working with children. Italy is one of few countries that have little experience of the educational, theatrical and social benefits that Theatre in Education brings to students. As an actor you should have the flexibility to perform in a range of genres from slapstick to Shakespeare.

TEATRINO also offers actors the freedom to bring their own qualities and personality to each show. The job is a unique one and encourages growth of character and theatrical ability. It’s an experience never to be forgotten and one that will prove invaluable in future careers.

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