Storytelling Workshop tour

Storytelling Workshop tour

Job Outline

We will be recruiting three Storytellers to participate in one national tour of Italy, presenting interactive workshops, in English. In this tour, we transform classrooms into a dream space, where the children are led interactively through one of our three enchanting stories. These again focus on a particular language level, theme and grammatical point. This group works exclusively with primary school students.

Typically each facilitator will perform 3 or 4 workshops a day, at multiple Italian schools, and then travel afterwards. Each Storyteller works with an individual group of students in their classroom. The workshops are led independently (and simultaneously) by each facilitator, and the average number of students per group is 20.


5 stories:
The Hungry Caterpillar, CEFR Pre-A1. Primary 1
Little Red Riding Hood, CEFR A1. Primary 2
Jack and the Beanstalk, CEFR A1. Primary 3
Excalibur, CEFR A1. Primary 4
Aladdin, CEFR A1/2. Primary 5

Rehearsal agreements:

Dates: 9th January 2023- 2nd June 2023 (subject to change)
Accommodation: shared room, breakfast and lunch

Tour agreements:

You will be working an average of up to six contact hours a day, at multiple schools, with travel afterwards which may include distances of 100km and upwards. Performers will be required to work some Saturdays.

Dates: tbc (includes an Easter break)
Accommodation: Shared room, breakfast (if provided by the hotel/ B & B)
Payment: €250 per week (paid monthly). Plus: car/ petrol costs; work insurance; the potential to earn up to €30 per week bonus – depending on the fulfilment of the Employment Conditions.