Educo Theatre's FAQ

  • Do I have to be a trained actor?
    No, but acting/drama skills are obviously advantageous as too is previous experience in T.I.E. You must be enthusiastic, adaptable, young at heart, dedicated and love working with children.
  • Do I have time off to sight-see?
    You will receive a minimum of 6 full days off a month, however some days you will work for 4 hours, and others for 6 – some days you will need to drive to another destination and sometimes you will not. Each day is different. It is fine if you wish to visit locations of interest as long as it does not disrupt the tour.
  • Do I have to be able to drive to apply?
    No, but it’s advantageous and could give you an edge over another candidate. You MUST be able to drive manual with the corresponding license. You’ll also need to obtain an International license before leaving home.
  • Do I need a work visa or EU Passport?
    Yes, you will need one of the following:
  • -EU passport
  • -Working Holiday Visa (applicable ONLY to Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South Korean applicants)
    Any successful non-EU applicants will be required to pay a nominal fee (approx. €170) when arriving in Italy towards your entry stamp. You’ll also need a passport photo.
  • Explain TIE.
    TIE stands for Theatre in Education. Our philosophy surrounds the notion that children learn more when they are taught through a variety of mediums including drama, song and interactive activities. “Emotions Generate Learning”. In this respect, children learn in a fun and memorable way.
  • How do I apply?
    Click here to begin the application process.
  • How much money will I be paid?
    Whilst on tour, new artistes earn €250 per week and returning/senior actors €280 per week (paid monthly). This goes directly in to an Italian bank account set up for you during January rehearsals. There is also an opportunity to earn a bonus of between €0 and €30 per week, which is paid six months after the successful completion of the tour. Accommodation, transport, car and work insurance is provided. Artistes receive €150 per week for rehearsals (paid weekly) plus accommodation, breakfast and lunches.
  • Do I have to pay for my own flights?
    Yes, actors must cover their flight costs. A €50 contribution will be made towards arrival costs, and €50 towards leaving costs at the end of tour. A coach from Nice airport to Sanremo is also provided, on a specific date and time organized by us.
  • What age are most of the actors?
    The minimum age for our actors is 18, and the bulk of our actors are aged between 22 and 30.
  • What do the workshops consist of?
    Workshops attached to the show are held after the performance. The actors split the audience into smaller groups and run 30-45 min long workshops which include games, songs and activities relating to the didactic element of the show. Each actor will work with approx. 20 – 30 students in each workshop. All workshops are part of the repertoire and are prepared for you.
    Occasionally actors will run longer workshops instead of a performance, which are again, already prepared for you.
    The ‘sketch and workshop’ and ‘storytelling’ tours work a little differently, more information is here.
  • What happens in Sanremo for the rehearsal period?
    Rehearsals take place in Sanremo, a bustling coastal town on the Italian riviera near the French border. The rehearsal period involves learning the repertoire along with the corresponding workshop material. During this rehearsal period in Sanremo you will be placed in your group of two, three or four (depending on your tour). We have to ensure that the actors have compatible personalities and are able to bring different strengths and skills to the job. You will also be told whereabouts your tour will take place and general administration information. We are unable to take requests of placements in particular locations but we do our best to ensure that all groups see as much of Italy as possible.
  • What is the accommodation situation like?
    Accommodation will be in shared hotel rooms or in Educo flats depending on where your tour takes place. You will almost always have to share a room with your colleagues.
  • What type of shows/sketches will I be performing?
    For the Standard Tour, the one-hour long shows are either based entirely on one story or consist of a combination of short humorous sketches suited to meet the English level of the audience (see job description for more details). Each tour has a different repertoire so for more details please refer to the specific job description of each tour. The children are aged between 5 and 18, however the bulk of the shows are aimed at children aged 13 and under. For the older students we offer workshops based on a musical. In this case the students are the protagonists and our actors the facilitators. The duration of this ‘show’ is around 1.5 hours (it is not followed by an extra workshop).
  • When and where are the auditions?
    Our audition will be held in London, UK around the end of October/ beginning of November (exact date to be confirmed). Information and details regarding this are given directly to successful applicants who are invited to attend. You must apply to be invited to audition. If you are unable to audition we do accept showreels via DropBox or WeTransfer (password protected).
  • When do tours start and how long do they run for?
    One tour runs from October to December (rehearsal period included), and all other tours run January to the end of May/start of June (rehearsal period included), though we reserve the right to end some or all tours earlier than anticipated. Teatrino requires 4 (usually senior) actors from October and up to 30 actors, including musicians and teachers with a drama background, to start in January.
  • Where in Italy does the tour take place?
    Our tours run all over Italy. We collaborate with over 2000 Italian schools from the Dolomites to Sicily. You could be working anywhere!
  • Will I have any time off during tour?
    Aside from the contractual days off, there is a six day break for Easter.
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