We are a non-profit organization concerned with promoting student-centred learning through the application of theatre and drama practices.

Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, EDUCO was one of the first organisations in Italy to utilise the power of theatre and drama within a didactic framework, and we have spent the last 12 years successfully teaching English to Italian children all across Italy, through our touring theatre-in-education company, TEATRINO.
TEATRINO is acclaimed within both academic and theatre disciplines for its extensive repertoire which is still the largest and the most diverse of its kind in Italy!

In addition to TEATRINO, we have other projects which include ‘Theatre-in-Education Days’ (‘T.I.E. Days’), English Summer Camps held all across Italy for Italian children, and teacher workshops where Italian English teachers are given the tools to teach English using our methods and practices. We also have international projects that take Italian students and teachers to English speaking countries for the full language immersive experience.
Every year, over 100,000 Italian students take part in our programmes all across Italy.

EDUCO recruits actors, performers, musicians, tutors and trainers from all over the world who are mother tongue or highly proficient English-speakers and our ever-expanding team of collaborators are based nationally in locations such as Sanremo, Milan, Naples, Rome and Sicily.