EDUCO organises English language projects for Italian students and teachers on a national level.

Accredited by M.I.U.R, EDUCO plays a leading role in Italy in utilising the power of theatre and drama within a didactic framework, and we have spent the past 15 years training teachers in how to effectively and humanistically use English in their classrooms, as well as teaching English to Italian children all across the country.

Our projects include full immersion English summer camps for children, a theatre-in-education tour (TEATRINO), CLIL workshops, and international teachers’ courses.

TEATRINO is acclaimed within both academic and theatre disciplines for its extensive repertoire which is still the largest and the most diverse of its kind in Italy!

We are dedicated to and passionate about promoting student-centred learning through the application of theatre and drama practices.

Every year, over 100,000 Italian students take part in our programmes all across Italy.
We are proud to have hundreds of creative educators joining us annually from all over the world for our projects.