English Summer Camps' FAQ

Have a specific question about being a tutor in one of our camps? Here are some common queries and our responses:

  • What do EDUCO camps involve?
    EDUCO camps camps focus on providing a positive and interactive environment in which children can learn and play. Camps run from Monday to Friday, 9-5, and last either one or two weeks. As an EDUCO tutor (camp counsellor) you will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the camps, working with your fellow trainee tutors as a team. A typical camp day starts with a morning warm-up circle where you and your fellow trainee tutors will get the children energised and ready for lessons through songs and games. You will then have your own class to teach, using the skills that you have gained through your orientation you will lead you class through their English language experience.
  • How long do the camps run for?
    Camps run from June - September.
  • How competitive is the recruitment process?
    Our programme is highly competitive. We receive over 1000 applications annually and are expecting to recruit no more than 250 tutors for our 2022 season. We strongly encourage applying early to increase chances of success.
  • Will you let me know if I am unsuccessful in my application?
    As a general rule, following the final stage in the application process (the preaching video), if you have not heard from us in four weeks time you can consider your application unsuccessful. Due to the high volume of applications received, we cannot guarantee a written response to everyone.
  • How long is orientation?
    The orientation course lasts five days. Our summer 2021 orientations took place in Sanremo (the location may change annually). Orientation will provide you with all the training and material necessary to run camps as a successful tutor.
  • Do we receive a TEFL certificate upon completion of the program?
    Yes! Upon completion of our program you will receive an introductory certificate in TEFL through Performance & Play (TEFL-PP). This certificate attests to your completed training course followed by a minimum of 120 hours (three weeks) experience in the field.
  • Is it possible to request time off from camp?
    Yes! We encourage tutors to take time off to rest in between camps, travel or meet up with friends/family. We must be made aware of your travel plans at least two weeks in advance. Depending on our camp needs, we may or may not be able to approve your time off, but we will always do our best to accommodate you.
  • Do I need previous teaching experience to apply?
    While previous teaching experience is certainly an asset for the role, it is
    not a requirement for applying. Our tutors come from a wide variety of
    backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • Do I need to speak Italian to apply?
    You do not need to speak Italian in order to apply for our camps. While knowledge of the language can be an advantage, our camps are full English immersion and we discourage tutors from speaking Italian with the children. Every camp has local Italian staff (including the director and helpers) who may assist with any language barriers.
  • Can I request a specific location for camp?
    Unfortunately, due to the large amount of tutors we need to allocate in over 200 camps across Italy, we are unable to take requests for specific locations.
  • If I apply with my partner/friend will we be placed together?
    You may apply with and attend the same orientation as your friend. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests to be placed with friends/family/partners at camp. That said, you can always take time
    off in-between camps to meet up with friends.
  • What is Italian children’s level of fluency in English?
    Italian children’s level of fluency varies across the country and is influenced by several factors including: age, parents’ level of fluency, quality of previous instruction in English, interactions with mother tongue English speakers.
  • How many children will I be responsible for and how many tutors will I be with?

Class sizes are generally between 10-12 children. The amount of tutors you’ll be placed with depends on how many students are enrolled in the camp (this can range anywhere from two tutors - ten tutors per camp).

  • How much English should I expect my host family to speak?

Each family is different and you can expect their knowledge of English to vary accordingly. Some families can get by with basic phrases, others are slightly more fluent, and many may speak no English at all.

Rest assured though that communication is still possible irrespective of fluency. Gesturing goes a long way as does general courtesy and respect for the home of the family hosting you.

  • What is the age limit for EDUCO camps?

Although we accept and review applications from all ages, our tutors are mainly students or recent graduates between the ages of 18 - 30. Keep in mind that all tutors stay with host families and older applicants may not find this ideal.

  • What materials should I consider bringing to camp?

EDUCO provides every camp with the essential supplies tutors need for their classrooms. In addition, tutors may consider bringing stickers, flags, photos or other culturally representative items from their country.

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