Tutorini Tour

Tutorini Tour

Job Outline

We are selecting two workshop facilitators (teachers) to lead our Tutorini tour of Italy. As a tutorini you will lead workshops and courses that make up the Educo curriculum and have the opportunity to develop and deliver your own T.I.E workshops. You will work independently, though touring together, with a class of about 25 students at a time.

The majority of your work will be in the north of Italy. This is a mixed role that will see you deliver "one-off" 90-minute workshops and/or returning to the same school on a regular basis to deliver longer courses (up to 30 hours per class). You may be working with multiple classes and levels within the same school. As such, you need to be prepared to teach a variety of ages and levels (from 4 - 17-year-olds).

We are selecting two singer/ guitarists to lead our captivating Pop Music and Culture tour of Italy. A position on our Pop Music & Culture Tour involves leading Italian school students (aged between 8 and 18) through interactive workshops based on pop music and culture. You would be working independently, though touring together, with a class of about 25 students at a time.

Many of our workshops come with accompanying PowerPoint presentations. You have the option of bringing your own laptop. Educo does supply all other technical equipment and can provide laptops if necessary.
As you’d be travelling around Italy with one other facilitator in a company car, drivers are required for this tour. We are open to having one confident driver and one non-driver, however, this needs to be in agreement between the two facilitators.

What you will be teaching


These are level-specific 10, 15, 20 or 30 hours courses. Each comes with its own handbook and lesson plans. These focus on a central story and explore the surrounding themes. All courses finish with a final show of the story. Stories include; Goldilocks and the three bears, Fantastic Mr Fox, an Educo original environment story, and Shakespeare!


CLIL is the combination of curriculum and foreign language. Educo CLIL are preset with accompanying powerpoints. All lessons are taught the Educo way; with games, chants and drama. You do NOT need to be a curriculum specialist.

T.I.E Days

These are workshops that you can create yourself or use the provided materials. T.I.E days teach English through song, drama and games. Everything that Educo stands for!

Rehearsal agreements

Dates: 16th January 2021- 29th January 2022 (subject to change)
You may be asked to join us for some online training before your arrival in Italy
Accommodation: shared room, breakfast and lunch
Payment: €300

Tour agreements

You will be working an average of up to six contact hours a day, at multiple schools, with travel afterwards which may include distances of 100km and upwards. Facilitators will be required to work Saturdays in certain areas.

Dates: 29th January - 29th May 2022 (includes an Easter break) subject to change
Accommodation: Shared room, breakfast (if provided by the hotel/ B & B)
Payment: €250 per week (paid monthly). Plus: car/ petrol costs; work insurance; the potential to earn up to €30 per week bonus – depending on the fulfilment of the Employment Conditions.